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Honey Locust Lumber

Honey Locust Lumber

Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacanthos) is a small to medium size tree that originated in North America. Honey Locust wood has little sapwood and heartwood which is honey brown in color and does not support the darker grain color found in Black Locust. Honey Locust lumber has a straight grain with a coarse texture. Honey Locust is extremely hard, heavy and strong. Honey Locust also has a high resistance to rot. Honey Locust has many similar characteristics and mechanical properties of Red Oak. Therefore, could be used as a substitute for many of the same applications as Red Oak, which includes; cabinet making, furniture, millwork, molding and other general constructions. Also, Honey Locust wood is used for fence post and railroad ties.

Cook Lumber Company, when available, has the capabilities to provide small to medium quantities of Honey Locust lumber to companies worldwide while complying with all national and international lumber laws.